26 Aug

Many people face problems in syncing Gmail and  Microsoft Outlook platforms.  So your  Gmail is not syncing with outlook,  be it specific data or general syncing, which creates an issue with could require troubleshooting by you. There is no one way to fix this difficulty, but a number of solutions in fixing these issues.  We have formed a list solution that could help fix the  Gmail and Outlook synchronization concerns.  Solutions to fix the Gmail and Outlook not syncing

  •  Check whether syncing services are outdated

Google syn and google calendar sync used by many have been discontinued by Google, which is creating an issue in Gmail and Outlook syncing. Sometimes  outdated services prevent Outlook to get in sync with the Google platform

  • Check window updates regularly 

Some Windows updates are inconsistent with syncing Gmail to outlook Microsoft platform, for which you have to uninstall such updates and try to sync Gmail to outlook again manually. 

  • Re-edit or modify your  Gmail account   

  •  Remove your  Gmail account from outlook

You should try to remove your Gmail account from outlook first and then start out manually checking profile settings.

  •  Enable  folders

  •  Link  your Gmail to your Outlook account again

Go to the file option open account using your email, password, and username and manually check for the settings.  

  •  Review your  Gmail POP and IMAPS Server settings

. Check for any changes in Gmail pop and IMAPS  settings. Gmail and Microsoft are two different platforms that may require separate to change profile settings to sync. 

  •  Check your  strong Wi-Fi  connections

You should always make sure that the device you are using has a strong network connection, as a weak network can halt syncing of your Gmail account to Microsoft Outlook. 

  • Try to use the  premium services of the platforms

 Users of premium services are not facing such concerns. Use premium google services which lifetime technical support of google with updates.

  • Join globe campaigns to be aware of the services of Google.

 Both Google and Microsoft make regular updates in fixing technical concerns on the platforms. Users must join online courses or programs made by google which could help them to fix the problem and remain in sync with upcoming trends in the technology on the platforms. 

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